By: Maron Koop

For companies with fleet vehicles, navigating damage claims is a headache. Not only are there repair and replacement costs to manage, but also loss of use—the cost of doing business without the vehicle. Companies may have to outsource services while the vehicle is repaired, rent a vehicle to complete work or even go without, straining existing resources.

Recovering money owed for repairs and lost revenue is daunting, often caught up in litigation lasting years. For one AnSR customer, outsourcing to our skilled arbitration team was the answer.

Customer Situation

Our Fortune 100 customer owns thousands of vehicles, and tallying loss of use across their fleet was challenging. Every claim received a 10% loss of use fee, regardless of actual costs. To avoid expensive, drawn-out litigation, they often settled, never receiving the full amount they were owed for the damage. Our customer knew they were leaving money on the table and turned to AnSR for help.

How We Did It

  • We enrolled our customer in an arbitration forum, a cost-effective method for claims to be reviewed by a neutral third party.
  • We proved loss of use is substantial, and far above the 10% rate our customer initially assigned.
  • We leveraged our expertise in arbitration and liability to build a strong case. After serving as panelists for over 5,000 arbitration cases, we understand how cases are reviewed and how to form a winning claim.


We recovered 74% of the dollars we filed for. This resulted in a total of 141% of our customer’s actual repair costs recovered, which included loss of use and administration charges. Our services more than pay for themselves.

AnSR’s business model is simple: we don’t get paid unless you do. Our team of experts are highly motivated to recover as much as possible as quickly as possible.

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